Personal Care

Personal care is planet care

Personal care products can consist of 60-85% water and are often packaged in single-use plastic. But why transport water when you can tap it?

Together we’re rethinking the products we use every day and adopting more sustainable routines. 


1 year's use of hand wash in an average household:


12 disposable bottles


1 AllMatters bottle + 6 refills


Powder-to-foam concept

We have developed the AllMatters hand and body wash with the reduction of single-use plastics in mind. Our powder formula consists of gentle ingredients that you can easily mix with water at home in the reusable AllMatters bottle – co-creating your own personal product.

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Sustainability at your fingertips

Group 1470

Keep our planet clean – and your body too


Group 1469

Avoid bulky plastic containers and make space for what matters


Group 1468

Three bottles worth of wash in one kit


Group 1471

One pump of foam is enough – made to last twice as long



Let’s mix things up

In just three simple steps.


Step 1

Fill the reusable bottle with warm tap water.


Step 2

Add one powder refill, shake, and wait two minutes.


Step 3

Your wash is ready to be used!


Carefully made

All materials used in our products are chosen based on their sustainability and recyclability.




Our bottle is made of aluminium, a durable material meant to be infinitely recycled. In fact, around 75% of all aluminium ever made is still in use today. Both the bottle and its pump are reusable for years.